Books, Audio Cassettes and a Vinyl


Thick Kompakt

a kind of radio opera

Cassette, 2 x 28′

A radiophonic opera imagined and orchestrated by
Celine Aernoudt, Melanie Akeret, Zoé Aubry, Lorraine Baylac, Angélique Dalla-Torre, Aurélie Dubois, Marc Norbert Hörler, Arttu Palmio, Julie Sando, Bruno Schaub, Laurent Schmid, Sara da Silva Santos, Tristan Thévenoz and Vanessa Urben.

An intergalactic trip played live and broadcast by LapTopRadio from one gee in fog in Chêne-Bourg on September 6, 2018. [more…/buy]
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A Message to the International Hacker Community – Goodiepal

Audiocassette 23 min. 21 sec.
with printed leaflet / message by Goodiepal
Razoff #04 / 2017
Sound and leaflet by Goodiepal

A Message to the International Hacker Community by Goodiepal is a cassette we produced in the context of a research project together with the book ‘LapTopRadio – La Radio Siamo Noi’
HEAD – Genève and Razoff
(activeRat and Zonoff), 2018 [more…/buy]
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The Conference of the Birds

The Conference of the Birds is a Razoff production published as Audio Cassette by Razoff (activeRat and Zonoff). It goes back to a Zonoff/Picnic Project with the same name, a radio show during the 48 hours Neukölln Festival Berlin in 2012.

The radio show was done with:

Ergo Phizmiz, Felix Kubin, Taigen Kawabe, Filipp Leonardi, Meghan, Pauline Guiffard, David Fenech, Lifeloop, Delmore Fx, Indias Indios, Triphaze, Bruno Crochet, Francesco Cavaliere, Alexandre Joly, Johnny Haway, Liviu Poenaru, Dr. Nezumi…..

Audio Cassette (28 mins):

A1 Indias Indios Sardu 4:00
A2 Delmore fx Like Animals 2:04
A3  TRema Chucaco 3:05
A4 triPhaze Travel Diary Of My Crow 4:00
B1 Knifeloop* Flying Blind 4:00
B2 Johnny Haway Soniferous Garden 4:00
B3 Urged Children Love Birds 4:40

Artwork – Sofy Maladie
Compiled By – Zonoff

Audio Cassette (28 mins), with contributions by Indias Indios, Delmore fx, TRema, triPhaze, Knifeloop, Johnny Haway, Urged. Limited edition of 150 copies.

(activeRat and Zonoff), 2014 [more…/buy]


Vinyl LP


Abacus is a disc we produced in the context of a research project together with the book ‘LapTopRadio – La Radio Siamo Noi’

black Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, a special edition of 250 copies comes with a silkscreen printed by Dasein Studio, Tesserete of a sketch Ugo La Pietra did for the LapTopRadio group, 2018.
With: Ergo Phizmiz, Scanner, Delmore fx, Felix Kubin, Jealousy Party,  Johnny Haway. Compiled by Zonoff.

HEAD-Genève and Razoff – activeRat and Zonoff, 2018 [more…/buy]
(ChFr. 18.- plus shipping)



LapTopRadio. La radio siamo noi

Laurent Schmid, Ceel Mogami de Haas, Jonathan Frigeri (eds.) 
LapTopRadio. La radio siamo noi
Paperback (black and white on cream paper) & free download pdf. HEAD–Genève + Link Editions, 2019. ISBN 978-0-244-40622-6


FREE DOWNLOAD (pdf on Link Editions)

Recently, there has been a revived interest in the medium of radio, which can be attributed to the extended range of network-based services. Most important in this context is the world-wide availability of high-quality streaming, the abolishing of monopolies, or at least the unproblematic and easy access to technologies and infrastructures as well as concessions and licences. After all its years of existence, and despite momentous technological chances, radio still displays its characteristic directness, a characteristic already pointed out by Rudolf Arnheim and Bertolt Brecht and later by Marshall McLuhan.

Currently, there is an abundance of art radio projects, practically all of them initiated and executed by people with no professional training in the medium. They, as well as their projects, have their roots in actionistic pirate radios, sound art, music and sound experiments, new media and net art, software and hardware hacking, activism, circuit bending etc. The form of these projects their mode of social organisation and the expectation that the profileration of machine arrangements make possible new technological articulations likely to generate innovative assemblings, decentring the hegemony of the actual mass media. A common key element in the creation in media or post-media assemblage is that of the production of subjectivity, which can be seen as a micropolicitcal phenomenon.

In this context, the collective and self-organized project LapTopRadio explored the possibilities and the limits of an irregularly, unexpectedly and sporadically broadcasting internet radio in the perspective of fine arts with a specific approach—the studio followed the participants, musicians and events, and not the other way round. It thereby created a new basis with a as yet hardly known potential, which the project intended to probe. This was made possible thanks to the co-operation of all the participants and co-producers, speakers, interviewers and authors of the texts published here.

Authors: Delphine Bedel, Francesco Bernardelli, Donatella Bernardi, Yann Chateigné, Alfredo Cramerotti, Nadia EL-Imam, Jonathan Frigeri, Kenneth Goldsmith, Lars Bang Larsen, Quinn Latimer, Andrea Marioni with Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Federica Martini, Ceel Mogami de Haas, Angelo Plessas, Laurent Schmid, Joël Vacheron with Tex Royale and Alexis Milne, Willem van Weelden, Giovanna Zapperi.


Extended Nervous Systems and White Rabbits

Reader with source material and relevant texts accompanying the exhibition and the project LaRadi o Siamo Noi at LiveInYourHead Geneva (Flyer, pdf)

More on the project and the participants:
or with historical texts around the project and free radios.


Pages: 124, Binding: Paperback, Interior: Black & White, Dimensions: Pocket Book (4.25 x 6.875 in / 108 x 175 mm)
Language: English, 2012

POD can be ordered here.
(US$ 5.85 plus shipping)