Fight the Power – Special Project

Fight the Power @ Corner College, Zürich, nov 5th 2012

machinekills organized a special broadcast. The broadcast “Fight The Power” drawed inspiration from the eponymous Public Enemy song that was broadcasted live and continuously in 1991 on one of Belgrade’s dissident radio station, B92.


Guitar player in Sirte

Within the context of today’s political and social disruption all around the globe, from Libya to America- protest and radio, music and diffusion, sound and amplification seem to be of relevant importance. The Libyan musician-soldier and Slavoj Žižek’s intervention on Wall-Street (after the police forbade the use of megaphones during the occupation) are therefore symbolic: the guitarist seems to handle his guitar like a machinegun whereas the chorus (in the classical sense) denounces with a massive critical voice the iniquitous situation.


Slavoj Žižek on Wall Street

The subject of the evening could be summarized as an attempt to analyze the geopolitics and dialectics of protest songs. That is for the theoretical part; pragmatically the broadcast consisted of a collective live atopic sound performance. A number of invited artists, writers, activist and musicians remotely contributed in real time.
Fight the Power took place within the project “This Machine Kills Fascists”, inspired by Woodie Guthrie guitar inscription and dealing with protest songs in the widest meaning. The project declines in a multitude of formats that will finally result in an exhibition taking place in 2012, Geneva.

“This Machine kills Fascists” is a joint project initiated by Ceel Mogami de Haas, Laurent Schmid and Daniel Suter.

Fight the Power at Corner College part 1:

Part 1
0. Prelude (Filmmusic-Loop Mamma Roma by P.P. Pasolini / Vivaldi) proposed by Laurent Schmid
1. Fight the Power, Public Enemy proposed by Ceel Mogami de Haas
2. Daniel Suter reads text by Ceel Mogami de Haas
3. Gil Scott Heron, The Revolution will not be Televised, proposed by Ceel Mogami de Haas
4. Liebeslied im Regen, 7Dong
5. Quinh Dong interviewed by Marks Blond
6. Biografien von Menschen 1/3, Angelo Romano (Soundcomposing: Roman Schürch)
7. Live connection to concert at Mark Divo Insitute, Kolin CZ, first try
8. Züri brännt, Lukas Truninger
9. Slavoj Zizek en Occupy Wall Street
10. Florent Meng on Bà Mẹ Phù Sa (Southern Mother) by  Phạm Duy
11. Purcell / Janet Baker – Dido  Aeneas – When I am laid in earth proposed by Benoît Maire
12. Politics, tape by Andrea Marioni
13. Rebellion, Leila Amacker

Fight the Poser at Corner College part2:

1. Cornelius Cardew; Memorial Concert We Sing for The Future, proposed by Mathieu Copeland
2. The Revolution Starts Now, a mix of traks taken in a psychiatric hospital, proposed by Romain Hamard
3. Knowbotic Research, Mac Ghillie voice, a hypothetical soliloquy
4. Piece by Jan Op de Beeck and then Slavoj Zizek (Are we free?)
5. Teófilo Furtado “Venham mais 5 Teos”
6. “Mic Check” Bad Bed, skype talk by Ohad Ben Shimon
7. A moaning version of the poem/song “Strange fruit” written by Abel Meeropol and interpreted by Billie Holiday proposed by Sara Burger.
8. Interview with Sarah Burger
9. “Do you really Care?”, Taf Hassam
10. Phone interview with Mathieu Copeland on C. Cardew
11. Mark Divo, concert in Kolin CZ, part 2
12. New Orgies / New York Chees, live set by Sophiee Alonso, Renaud Marchand, Simon Riat
13. “War” by Bob Dylan, Sound installation with chinese megaphones

Fight the Power at Corner College part3:

1. Mara Krastina and Ceel Mogami de Haas, I don’t believe You
2. Titled by Isabela Grosseova and Jesper Alvaer, voiced by Fiordmoss
3. Skype conversation with Isabella Grosseova
4: Jonathan Zonoff Frigeri live from Berlin with “All the Protesters of the World Step together” and
5. Andrea Avversa, “Autobuild Stonehedge in the Garden” (same connection via Berlin to Paris)
6. Leila Amacker, “Rebellion”
7. Untitled piece by Romain Hamard (based on strike and riot songs)
8. Cop Killer proposed by Vianney Fivel and comments by Vianney
9. Claire Michel presents a short extract of the anti-opera “The Little Match-Seller” by Helmut Lachenmann, introduction read by Ceel Mogami de Haas
10. Convesation between Fabain Faltin and Daniel Suter, “Reichtum kann man nur durch geistiges Potential generieren”, Music: Goldfinger Brothers
11. Danilo Stankovic, “Danilos utopia”
12. Arteles, interview by Pekka Ruuska and the Arteles Team, Inga Mustakallio and Teemu Räsänen
13. Broken Radio, Den Harrow, proposed by Angèle Laissue
14. Mauricio Leon, self-interview
15. Chris Korda – Save The Planet Kill Yourself, proposed by Angéle Laissue