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Ugo La Pietra

Ugo La Pietra parla di La Casa Telematica (in italiano)



Live performance – Goodiepal speaking speaking and speaking


Conférence de Dario Gamboni: Le Musée comme œuvre d’art

Dans le cadre de la deuxième étape de l’exposition itinérante “The Ride”, de la Galerie J, Dario Gamboni (Prof. Université de Genève) donne une conférence sur le Musée comme œuvre d’art avec un accent sur les musées d’artistes et de collectionneurs en Suisse. (26.3.’13, @ Curtat Tunnel, Lausanne) En français.



Radical Enlightenment

A Symposium on Cybernetics and the Soul
Stimulation through discourse, visuals, sound, and nourishment

Palais de Tokyo, Paris, Friday March 15, 2013, 1–11pm, organised by Lars Bang Larsen and Yann Chateigné Tytelman.


Western Enlightenment was truncated by capital, traditionalism and instrumental reason.

The radical Enlightenment we never got includes aesthetic and scientific experiments, counter-cultural movements, as well as entire modernities that have been disqualified as esoteric.

Historically, a radical Enlightenment placed sharper oppositions between philosophy and theology, governance and freedom. On crucial points regarding human rights, colonial issues, democracy and the role of the church, the radical tendency opposes a moderate Enlightenment. As Jonathan Israel points out, “Enlightenment ‘progress’ was thus very wide-ranging and multi-faceted.” (A Revolution of the Mind. Radical Enlightenment and the Intellectual Origins of Modern Democracy, 2010.)

In this context the post-war science of cybernetics presents a critical ambiguity. On the one hand cybernetics—the science of “communication and control in the animal and the machine” according to Norbert Wiener—set the bio-political state to work through analogies of brain and computer, cell and transistor, electric circuit and nervous system, and in this way lies at the heart of today’s scientific determinism and administrative utopias. On the other hand, the fact that cybernetics rendered the contour of human life fuzzy in relation to machines, plants and other creatures became a productive point of departure for the artistic creation of new bodies, machines, pleasures, and modes of becoming.

The symposium intends to invoke the spirit of a radical Enlightenment by gauging exchanges between art, science and counter-culture. Topics addressed in the seminar include mystical experience and medical experimentation; wayward cybernetics, military theory and network theories; electronic music, television and technologies of conditioning; robotics, trans-humanism and futurology; as well as hermetic philosophies and sorcery.

A playful event with a rhythmic structure, the symposium will test the limits of discourse in an attempt to stimulate the nervous system and produce something like an enlightened metabolism in which the soul can be reinstated as a frontier in the regime of positivist physiology.


Introduction: Lars Bang Larsen, Yann Chateingé

Altered States: Jelena Martinovic, Cybernetics, Mystical Consciousness and Experimental Science
D. Graham Burnett, Sensory Deprivation, Extraterrestrials, and Zoosemiotics

Esotericism and Counterculture: Francis McKee, The skin of the soul is a miracle of mutual pressures
Marco Pasi, Whose lights are you on? Esoteric paradoxes of the Enlightenment

Interlude: Lauren Huret, Next station terminus cosmos, freedom freedom
Cybernetic cults, global communities: Joël Vacheron, The Whole Earth Catalogue, USCO and the ethos of the Comprehensive Designer
Aurélien Bellanger, The Prehistory of Machines

Future Being: Alain Kaufmann, Prophecies and the Promises of Technology
Pascal Rousseau, Psychedelia. An Archaeology of Electromagnetic Perception

Defense Systems: Suzanne Treister, HEXEN 2.0
Laurent Schmid, Brutal Ardour
Vincent de Roguin, Panoramage > son, dispositions et articles de foi


Excerpt of a conversation with Dan Graham


Dan Graham talks about his work and on colleagues, on Geneva and it’s music, Zürich…


Seth Siegelaub and Daniel McClean 

November 3rd 2010, Geneva, Switzerland

Entretien entre Christian Besson et Samuel Gross (en français) sur Seth, son travail et le Xerox Book.


Seth Siegelaub & the LapTopRadioTeam  Photo: Nelly Haliti

Interview avec Seth Siegelaub

Introduction by Yann Chateigné

Round table with: Dexter Sinister (Stuart Bailey and David Reinfurt), Daniel McClean, Seth Siegelaub and Delphine Bedel @ harcopy launch, LiveInYourHead


Hard Copy Book Launch and Talks
Thursday 3rd Centre de la photographie, Geneva november 8th 2011
hard copy Book Launch, Lectures & Talk. Curated by Delphine Bedel (introduction)


Guest Speakers:

Bruno Ceschel (& introduction by Delphine Bedel)

> Clive Phillpot

> Joël Vacheron

hard copy Book Launch, 18.00. Editions 2011:
Dorothée Baumann / Design Marc Hollenstein: ‘Pleasure Arousal Dominance’ Romain Legros / Design Nadja Zimmermann: ‘Argelas’ Florent Meng / Design Marc Hollenstein: ‘Préambule, Alinéa H’ Maya Rochat / Design Jemery Shorderet: ‘Ma tête a couper’. Johanna Viprey / Design Anna Haas: ‘J’aime bien à peu près la nature’ Martina-Sofie Wildberger / Design B und R:  ‘Mon petit alphabet / Mein kleines Alphabet. Editors: Delphine Bedel, Barbara Fedier / micro-édition HEAD Publishers: Head – Geneva / Monospace Press, Amsterdam

Lectures & Talk,18.30–20.00:
Drawing a parallel between the emergence of artist books in the 60’s and the bible of DIY cyber and counterculture, the groundbreaking and thought-provoking ‘Whole Earth Catalog’ (1968–72), in relation to contemporary modes of self-publishing and distribution, this talk brings together international speakers to bring into question the significance publishing within artistic practice.


For more discussions and talks cf. also
– the Blitzkrug and Backin12-series with Franco Bifo Berardi, Federico Campagna, Marcos Lutyens, Raimundas Malasuskas, Pacôme Thiellement, etc.
Wonderlust with Kenneth Goldsmith, Samuel Gross, Quinn Latimer, Ingeborg Lüscher, Una Szeemann, Joël Vacheron …
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