Radio Picnic – Special Project

Radio Residence in Berlin:


I wrote a blues today

By The last romantic

fabio besomi
jevgenij turovskiy


the last romantics is what we are. and as we already were collaborating on a couple of songs, johnny invited us to his radio-show. we happily accepted his invitation.

we are working on a sound influenced by the early folk esthetics, soaked with soft and mellow  harmonies and iterative elements. enjoy!

lenght: 25′ min
language: english
tags: song writing, blues, folk, romantic

Appelez-moi Amy Corsica

in residence from january 7th to january 14th 2013

quand une maîtresse virtuelle met la corde au cou du poète

en neuf ans, “corsica_s” alias “tim kahn” a publié plus de 3000 sons sur la base de données collaborative environ 1300 d’entre eux sont des enregistrements de sa “girlfriend”, “amy gedgaudas” lisant les requêtes postées sur le forum du site. pauline guiffard et julien maret sont parti de la voix de amy et du rapport qu’ils ont imaginé entre elle et corsica_s. ils ont extrait le registre des messages pornographiques contenus sur le profil de tim et ont fait de amy une maîtresse virtuelle, une sirène appelant ulysse à la dérive. un dialogue s’instaure entre la voix de amy et celle de julien maret qui a écrit le récit d’un poète persécuté

lenght: 33’21 min
language: english, français
tags: spoken words, soundcollage, text, freesounds


wenn töne geschmack haben
grosses fressen in radio picnic

a project by laptopradio dream team

lenght: 137′ min
languages: français, italiano
tags: food, music, performance


Music Hole

music hole is a virtual space dedicated to music.
les superlanguage are wandering in the music hole
visiting their musical totems.

lenght: 48’43 min
tag: virtual space, music totem, game

Calle Record

calle record is a music label promoting music played on the street
in residence from 17 june to 23 june 2013
a project by Daniel Kemeny and Jonathan Frigeri

Bacchette immaginifiche (toccata e fuga)

bacchette immaginifiche is a series of interventions based on a proposition.
the proposition being, the use of a long stick to reach out and play musical instruments trapped in public spaces.
once you have encounter the said instrument, the rule it is to reach out tentatively and attempt to play a note of your choosing, then run away,toccata e fuga!
bacchette immaginifiche is fully realized and at one with itself on the  completion of a personal scalehere is our starting point for picnic radio residence of francesco cavaliere.

during in the first week of the project we soon found our ideas thwarted then later subverted by nature. there is never a stick long enough to reach the unattainable.
with this in mind by the following week our vision and focus had changed, this natural evolution was also echoed in the sudden pygmytisation of the stick.

“some of them where possible to play others where more bashful to the ear…”
we are talking about a group of frozen hibernated plants, pittosporum plants found in cavaliere garden
these musical icicles were performed and recorded on the few brief frozen days in march.
at this point all was suddenly cast in a new direction..some how the vision  more ephemeral, unstable,less overtly tactile …indeed the interesting thing was the extremely natural changes in pitches and tonality as the ice broke to the touch.

for you now forever crystallized we have a 25 minutes musical piece featuring percussive icicles , imitations of wind
and fields adventures………. toccata e fuga !

in a split residence from 11 march to 1 june 2013

The insect Inox Kapell tells us some storys and fairy tails about six legs creatures

this radio play is a symbiose out of scientific information, privat statement and crazy music about the insects, especially honey-bees that are dying and the future of the human been.inox kapell works as an entomologic artist, performer ans musician in berlin, since 1982.
in residence from 27 may to 31 may 2013

Malleus Maleficarum

the malleus maleficarum meaning “hammer of the witchesis” a treatise on the prosecution of witches, written in 1486. it has been reissued several times.

in residence from 6 mai to 13 mai 2013 

Mauerspechte hören

well. the wall has gone a longtime ago.
almost forgotten, when suddently david hasselhof was singing again at eastide galery around 2 weeks ago. this made me think about this wall.
where was it? what is left ? where  was east & west?
i came too late, so i havent seen it. i dont know anything about it.
also i wanted to know what happend to the airwaves occupied by spys on both sides of the wall. this picnic radio emission is a journey along the topographic lines of the iron curtain. capturing ground surface, shortwave snippets and some goodies between:

its 167.8 km. i have an average travel speed of around 15 km/h. that means a total of 11.18 hours.if all goes well. this material has to be condendsed to half an hour. so i have to drive around 335 km/h. or compress it by 22 times. hmmmmm. we will see what happens.

in residence from 1 april to 8 april 2013

Radio Autobhan FM

genève-berlin by car with two demis ton.
in residence from 11 march to 17 march 2013

he wanted to make a “road-movie without images”. i wanted to tell this trip using sounds. while i was driving, he was recording. while he was sleeping sick in berlin, i began to play a soundtrack. at the end we mixed up all this stuff with the help of johnny, and we were really happy! 2xdt

with some music by johnny haway and dj ononiionioniion

Dhruva hovering in the Berlin sky

en residence at Radio Picnic from 4 march to 11 march 2013

A sound exploration of the city.
At different points of the city is sought interaction between
the sound generated by electronic shrutibox and the acoustics of architecture
and / or the every day life in the city.

shruti box: is a small wooden instrument that traditionally works on
a system of bellows and it is used as an accompaniment to other instruments.

The sound of destruction

Bring items that definitly should get destroyed!

get rid of that shit! 
And join the last breath of that rubbish in an ultimative radioshow next sunday.
with a little help of our friends
and with the help of great microphones we are going to celebrate the end of the area of JUNK!!


Fritz, Johnny, Lola & Markus

Engineer -there is a ninja

Tic Tac Toe 2.0 aka DJ ShluchT
Radio Picnic VI
in residence from January 28th to February 3th 2013

The decision book – 50 models for strategic thinking

Eleonora Vittoria Polato 
Radio Picnic V
in residence from January 7th to January 14th 2013

Special Guest: Urge Decomposed

When you kick a dog, it barks

Radio Picnic VII
in residence from January 7th to January 14th 2013

While reel to reel tape loops and FM transmitter/receiver copulations compete in feeding signals back to their sources visitors to the installation become the unwitting conductors of the noise produced. With open mikes in the subterranean space recording everything to the tape loops and open circuit transmitters sensitive to every movement effecting the radio noise they can’t help being the innocent culprits responsible for such spontaneous cacophonies, that do yearn to be so big but are confined and compressed by their own physical limitations. This compressed noise, reacting to the echoes of itself in the unique shape of the cellar, evolves in time and space with every revolution of the tape loop.

Johnny – “I was cocking a pizza and the machine was singing by itself in the
basement. Is it working?”
Seamus – “Well, as much as when you kick a dog it barks.”

Radio Picnic IV

Tomek Kolczynski
in residence from December 16th to December 23th 2012

Radio Picnic III

Giorgio Gabber
in residence from December 10th to December 16th 2012

A song contest with songs by Delmore Fx & Johnny Haway

Radio Picnic I

Sthepanie Pfister 
in residence from November 14th to November 21th 2012

Radio Picnic, Residence in Berlin: