Projects and Podcasts

Here you can find some recent broadcasts and broadcast projects. laptopradiø has been active for several years, recordings of the most important broadcasts and some information about them can be found here inarchivearchive‘, a section where we have summarised all our previous activities.
At the same time, you will also find information about people, collectives and institutions with whom we have collaborated, as well as details about the artists who have been involved in laptopradiø selectively or for a longer period of time. There is also a compilation of publications – print and audio – that we have realised. If you are looking for something special and you don’t find it, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Radio ZapRita  – Peculiar Pulses

Live broadcast on the occasion of the inauguration of RITA residenza in Turbigo. ( During the summer weekend we did a longer show on the site and made the part of the Sunday afternoon of 2 July available here. This event was also the starting point for our collaboration with Canale Milva, which we appreciate so much! Stay tuned; there is more to come and we are very much looking forward to it.
The details of the programme/line up will follow soon.

Huge thanks to the fantastic  RITA collective! We had a blast.

  • 0:13:00 Jingles ZapRita
  • 0:13:30 We Kill the World – Sara da Silva Santos
  • 0:20:35 Turita Zap – Laurent Schmid
  • 0:30:55 Field Recording – Claire Megumi
  • 0:34:31 Field Recording
  • 0:35:40 Jingle
  • 0:37:00 Field Recording
  • 0:39:25 Lecture – ‘Le monde est un couteau’ de L. Juniper par Julie Sando
  • 0:44:00 Field Recording
  • 0:46:40 Collage Son
  • 0:48:15 Lecture Claire Megumi
  • 0:54:40 Field Recording
  • 0:57:25 Lecture – ‘Tongue Twisters’ by Miriam Laura Leonardi read by Lucas Cantori
  • 1:00:44 Field Recording Claire Megumi
  • 1:14:33 Mic Camilla Paolino (and first LS)
  • 1:16:30 Pantera-Aquila-Tigre – Canale Milva (by Giada Olivotto and Camilla Paolino with Gaia Vincensini, Giorgia Garzilli and Maya Hottarek)
  • 1:53:35 Live Micro Publishing Workshop with Aude Barrion
  • 2:09:45 La Mallette – Histoire racontée et introduction
  • [Shuji Terayama]
  • 3:06:10 Live Claire Megumi
  • 3:14:44 Kelquelle – Party Starter

Please note that the time is always given somewhat randomly, as it is a looooooooooong mp3…

Lucid Dreams

Live broadcast on 14 January in the project space ‘Tunnel Tunnel’ Lausanne ( ) on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name: ‘Lucid Dreams’ by Camille Kaiser and Julie Sando.

  2. Live 1 by Alfredo
  3. “voyageenborduredubordduboutdumonde” by Angélique
  4. JINGLE  by Julie Sando & Bruno Schaub
  5. “in-girum-imus-nocte” by WREN
  6. “Sans titre 1” by Santiago Martinez
  7. “Lucid” by Bruno Schaub
  8. “The Yellow Empress” by Laurent Schmid
  9. “LAPTOPRÊVELUCIDE” by Jeanne Dufour
  10. Live 2 by Alfredo
  11. LUMINOL DREAMS by Julie Sando & Bruno Schaub
  12. “Voix 001” performance by Claire Megumi Masset
  13. “Rêve synchronisé” by Albane Hadrienne
  14. “Sans titre 2” by Santiago Martinez
  15. “LUCID DREAMS” by Julie Sando
  16. “Ann Reymann L’insitut” by Hajime
  17. RADIO YFM south-africa (idea of Camille Kaiser)
  18. “Lucid” by Bruno Schaub (reprise)
  19. RADIO YFM south-africa (part two)

Many thanks to Nadia Elamly and the Tunnel Tunnel collective!

‘Multiculturalidad a traves del ritual’ from Mexico with the collective Ixiptlah.

Live broadcast on 17.12. at 01:00 a.m. a collaboration in Mexico with the Ixiptlah collective.


Many thanks to IXIPTLAH collective!

Liminality > Doppelganger Collective

15 November 2022 at Flux Laboratory.

An invitation from Doppelganger collective, who did a ‘Looming’ residency at Flux Laboratory. Together with them we have created a programme on the theme of liminality.

With contributions from (in this order):
Laurent (with spoken info by Claire); text by Sylvain performed by Claire; Bruno; Cece; Jeanne; Claire performance ‘Skinhair’; Nelson; Rocky Mountains proposed by Sara; Mica; Nelson; Anja, Tschumi ‘Burgir’

Huge thanks to all! It was so much fun 🙂

Wir kratzen an der Fassade, nous grattons la façade, We Scratch The Facade

laptopradiø at Palazzina in September

  1. Intro / jingle                                            0’19
  2. Kratzen Im Meer by Laurent 8’56
  3. FASAD by Megan Orsi 1’55
  4. Cube by Julie Bellard 8’08
  5. Much4 luch4_by IXIPTLAH 2’25
  6. Intrusion Cruelle by Service Cynique 6’44
  7. 7m by Wren 7’
  8. D jingle 0’6
  9. Palazz by Bruno & Sara 7’44
  10. el surf wua wuatl – by IXIPTLAH 5’13
  11. E jingle 0’6
  12. True by katiaquarius 3’08
  13. Hiddendialogue by BRUNO 3’22
  14. Kaktus_by superpuma 5’49
  15. F jingle 0’6
  16. esscenario quemado by IXIPTLAH 3’27
  17. sara_1min29_chill1 1’29
  18. Scratch a dream by Julie Sando 9’30
  19. Oops by amalalpha 0’17
  20. MINDSET by Jeanne 9’14
  21. fassadefacadefaçade by claire megumi 6’09
  22. All jingle 0’19
  23. Perfo Lorraine ?
  24. Cocotte Minute by Service Cynique 15’34

Les Jardiniers des Ondes Sauvages

laptopradiø at la maison_du_jardinier in Chaux-lès-Port on Sunday 16.October

Emission lors du premier événement à ‘La Maison du Jardinier’, ancien bâti agricole converti en espace d’Art Contemporain conçu et réalisé par Alexis Robert. Cet espace de recherche et d’expérimentation dans le champs des Arts Contemporains a imaginé une proposition qui a mêlé le travail de l’Atelier Faire composé des Artistes Claire Hannicq et Clément Richem aux œuvres picturales d’Hugo Schwüer-Boss réalisées pour partie en collaboration avec l’artiste Juliette Buschini. À l’ouverture, un repas ainsi qu’un buffet étaient proposés par le Collectif La Soupe. LapTopRadiø y a animé une session radio live.

Tracklist to be added, with contributions by Céleste, Claire, Jeanne, Julie, Laurent, Lorraine and guests.

The House As Our Body

15 June 2022

A broadcast from the ‘Palazzina’ art space in Basel.
Very big thanks to the Palazzina team for generously hosting us and for their substantial and so warm help!

0. Jingle
1. Megan Orsi
2. Intro Lorraine Baylac Live
3. Hakagatari by Orfeo Aurora Lili
4. Yara Atz
5. Iced Steel by Julie Sando
6. Katia Kotelskaya
7. Jeanne . 2004
8. Orfeo Aurora Lili . Kodvo
9. Camille Zaerpour
10. La Soupe . Bh Paradise
11. Julie Sando . KABE NO HOKORI
12. Claire Megumi Masset . Lecture Live / Techno
13. Toast . Stunt – Record : Martin Tino @palaceanon Prod : Martin Tino et Benito Mozzarela Mixage : Martin Tino Mastering : TTz BeatZ
15. Laurent Schmid . Eight Billion Names
16. Celeste . Le Magicien
17. Julie Sando . Half A Face
18. Claire Masset X Julie Sando X Lorraine Baylac . Razor’s music (live perfo)
19. Embraisées
20. Salsa De Xoconostle . Cumbia
21. Lorraine Baylac . Live Lecture (+Julie Sando)
22. Wren
23. Conclusion Parlée

With further contributions by: Celeste, Jeanne Dufour, Katia Kotelskaia, Claire Masset
Salsa de Xoconoslte, sonic project by Colectividad Ixiptlah, la Soupe, Wren
Ange Delamaure, Lorraine Baylac

Curious about minds

Lorraine Baylac, Julie Sando and Laurent Schmid at ‘I Never Read’ Radio in Basel with Mira Lange Hansen, 15.06.2022. With improvisations to and with recordings of activeRat imagedisc editions with Zoé Aubry, Giulia Essyad, Douna Lim&Théo Pesso, Nathalie Rebholz, Gaia Vincensini and Caroline Schattling Villeval

Recording by ‘I Never Read Radio’ will be added soon.

Sweet Tunes fom Tambora

23.09 ~ Everybody shut up ! We’re listening to planet Vulcan

Image: Mathilde Beetschen

First of three nights of live broadcasts during Art Basel at Praxis art space. Collaboration on an invitation from Lumpenstation.

Lorraine Baylac, Claire Megumi Masset, Julie Sando, Sara da Silva Santos, Bruno Schaub, Laurent Schmid

Co-production laptopradiø & Lumpenstation

Sweet Tunes fom Tambora 2

24.09 ~ Mystery radio from Vulcan, the other planet

Second of three nights of live broadcasts during Art Basel at Praxis art space. Collaboration on an invitation from Lumpenstation.

Lorraine Baylac, Claire Megumi Masset, Julie Sando, Sara da Silva Santos, Bruno Schaub, Laurent Schmid

Vulcain est une hypothétique planète intramercurienne, c’est-à-dire orbitant entre le Soleil et Mercure. Son existence a été postulée pour expliquer les avances de phases de Mercure non justifiées par l’influence de toutes les planètes connues. Iel est aujourd’hui admis que la planète Vulcain n’existe pas, la relativité générale expliquant la différence en question.

Sweet Tunes fom Tambora 3

25.09 ~ Weird clumps of air disrupt radio from planet Vulcan

Third of three nights of live broadcasts during Art Basel at Praxis art space. Collaboration on an invitation from Lumpenstation.

Lorraine Baylac, Albane Hadrienne, Marc Norbert Hörler, Ekaterina Kotelskaya, Claire Megumi Masset, LowRain, Julie Sando, Sara da Silva Santos, Bruno Schaub, Laurent Schmid