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On Saturday 13.07.2024 we will do a broadcast at Studiolo by Lumpenstation at Kunsthaus Biel/Centre d’art Bienne:  Quasar Quanta.

From 16:00 till 17:30. Listen to it here or in Biel/Bienne!


Quasar Quanta melds cosmic themes with experimental soundscapes. This auditory journey begins with a pulsating, low-frequency hum reminiscent of distant quasars, gradually overlaid with fragmented spoken word pieces exploring quantum physics concepts.

As the performance progresses, listeners are immersed in a chaotic yet mesmerizing collage of noise: static bursts, distorted radio signals, and synthesized tones mimic the turbulent energy of the universe. These sounds interweave with poetic musings on the nature of reality, time, and consciousness.

The narrative structure is non-linear, with multiple voices fading in and out, sometimes overlapping to create a sense of parallel dimensions. Occasional moments of clarity emerge from the cosmic cacophony, offering brief glimpses of coherence before dissolving back into the quantum foam of sound.

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