Untitled | 15’15”

Romain Grateau, Sébastien Mennet
Cow bells & terroirs érotiques pt. 1 | about 15’
2×15 min of inprovisation.
Sources diverses & archives personnelles.

Hugo Hemmi
Romanche vs Islandic | 1’12” (x2)
Ég mundi að nafnskírteini minn kallaði orgines rómanska mína. The rocmanche er eitt tungumál ég læra alls ekki.
Einn af skólafélögum mínum, sem ég eyða tíma sagði mér að hún vildi syngja með mér í tungumáli hans orgine íslensku. Ég áttaði mig þá að exisite 30.000 innfæddur rómanska í Sviss ef við margföldum þá tölu með 10 við koma á 300.000 fjölda íbúa landsins.

Camille Kaiser, Johannes Oertli, Kiri Santer
Other things than expected  | about 10’
Other things than expected is a story about songs from Switzerland. Songs about leaving, about migration. About refuge and traveling. Songs that question the present migration discourse in Switzerland. The story starts with the assumption of the opposite: leaving is normal. History is migration.

Duke Choi

Untitled | about 2’
Theres a nervousness when i cant sing along to traditional songs. I can only recall a native lullaby to the moon and to the least a construction of american songs faintly played on the radio. I guest its what you are surrounded by. Play funky jams, some LA HIPHOP OR FULLERTON GARAGE PUNK. Its pure nostalgia.  Maybe theres an ancestral calling situated in the heart of Mongolia where I am on LSD throwing sheep spine bones towards the eagles as their elegant swoop catches them midair. Or on the rocks of prehistoric dinosaurs. This is my calling….

Ashley Cook
Mr. Alans shoe shop
3300 E Jefferson Ave #500, Detroit, MI 48207, United States +1 313-818-3300
3408 Washtenaw Ave Ann Arbor, MI 48104 (734) 531-6468 | (time?)

Arttu Palmio, Nika Savolainen
Untitled | 3’40” + 4’ + 3’ + some talking, so let’s say 12’30”
A selection of rap and rock in three languages spoken in Northern Finland: Northern Sami, Inari Sami, and Skolt Sami.
Poems by artist-activist-collective Suohpanterror.

Track 1 | 3’40”
Suomâráp Uárjih  by Amoc
From album Amok-kaččâm released in 2007 by Tuupa Records. It was the first rap album ever in Inari Sami, which is spoken by around 300 people, exclusively in Finland.

Track 2 | 4’
Sáhtán ja Máhtán by Ailu Valle
From album “7” released in 2015 by Tuupa records. Ailu Valle is the first person rapping in Northern Sámi which the most widely spoken Sami language. It is spoken in the Northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland. There are around 15 000 to 25 000 speakers, and around 2000 of them are in Finland.

Bonus track 3 | 3’
Joo´tti kaass by Tiina Sanila
From album Sääʹmjânnam rocks!, released in 2005 by Tuupa recordsm. It is the first rock album ever written in Skolt Sami. There are around 400 speakers in Finland, and other 20-30 speakers in an area surrounding Lake Lovozero, Russia.

transmission — national geographic
1, Cerf du père David | 2’19”

Ashley Cook
Premium Official Leather Brand in the City
Detroit   | (time?)

Powerball Michgan Lottery | (time?)

Salomé Ziehli
Pt 1

Coline Mir
with Charlène, Coline and Marina.

transmission — national geographic
2, Bardo (bouddhisme) |  6’22”

Aron Fabian

Untitled |
these are a small selection of a selection
from my mp3 archive interludes tracks and

Lucas Cantori, Camilla Paolino
laptopradio Cilento | 5’56”
This sound piece results from a montage of words and singing recorded and sent via wapp by Dante Lenza, after a research on traditional music undertaken across the mountains surrounding Vallo della Lucania.

We warmly thank mrs Pina Speranza, mr Carmelo Guzzo, mrs Rosaria Guzzo and Dante, of course.

transmission — national geographic
3, Intermédiaire réactionnel  | 9’48”

transmission — national geographic
4, talisman, the Antikythera mechanism   |  4’36”

Romain Grateau, Sébastien Mennet
Cow bells & terroirs érotiques pt. 2 |   about 15’
2×15 min of inprovisation.
Sources diverses & archives personnelles.

Salomé Ziehli
Pt 2 

Ashley Cook
FUTURE at The Fox
2211 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201, United States +1 313-471-3200 | (time?)
Motor City Accident Attourneys
1-800-411-PAIN | (time?)

Romain Grateau
Cow bells & terroirs érotiques pt. 3 |
Sources diverses & archives personnelles.

Coline Mir
with Charlène, Coline and Marina.

Louise Maudet

Dualistic poles 2’24”

Ashely Cook
Motor City Accident Attourneys
Final piece
DC Tip Off Classic Detroit Vs. Chicago
4001 W McNichols Rd, Detroit, MI 48221, United States