LapTopRadio did projects and streamed contributions by and with:

Delphine Bedel, Franco Bifo Berardi, Franco Bernardelli, Christian Besson, Federico Campagna, Bruno Ceschel, Yann Chateigné,  Mathieu Copeland, Alfredo Cramerotti, Dexter Sinister, Dario Gamboni, Kenneth Goldsmith, Goodiepal, Dan Graham, Samuel Gross, Alain Kaufmann, Lars Bang Larsen, Marcos Lutyens, Raimundas Malasauskas, Jelena Martinovic, Francis McKee, Marco Pasi, Ergo Phizmiz, Vincent de Roguin, Pascal Rousseau, Seth Siegelaub, Pacôme Thiellement, Magaly Tornay, Suzanne Treister, Willem van Weelden and many many more…

(and of course all the members of our team ! )

LapTopRadio interviewing Seth Siegelaub

For our exhibition at LiveInYourHead we showed neon-works by Alan Vega ( thanks Circuit !), Cerith Wyn Evans (thanks Parkett !) and produced pieces by Maurizio Nannucci (thanks Maurizio and Mathieu !) and Stefan Bruggemann (thanks Stefan and Mathieu !) The show was conceived together with Mathieu Copeland.


Our server was hacked and everything was destroyed – the files will be made available during the following days. We’re working on it and take the opportunity to re-organise this whole bunch of material.

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